A very special and quite unique 18ct gold and factory diamond encrusted Breitling wristwatch, originally ordered by the Sultan of Brunei before finding its way into the hands of world famous celebrity psychic Maurice Amdur.

Maurice has appeared on TV and on stage around the world and has assisted and advised clients that include former Presidents of the United States, Princess Diana, Cheryl Cole and Paris Hilton along with many other of the worlds A-list celebrities.

We are proud to announce that Maurice has chosen Items of Beauty (East Grinstead Watch Company) to sell part of his personal watch collection, some of which have been gifted to him by his famous friends and associates over the years.

This particular watch comes with a signed guarantee of authenticity from Maurice himself, along with a picture of him holding the watch that he has worn on Stage in Las Vegas.

This watch was last sold for £60,000 and with its history as a former Royal and Celebrity owned watch, we feel that our asking price is a very reasonable one indeed.

The watch comes with original Breitling box and papers and an insurance valuation document for £60,000.00 GB Pounds sterling. A full one year Guarantee and Warranty is also supplied with this watch.