It’s not very often that you find diamond solitaire’s much over 4ct in size. In fact, you will have to travel into central London or to a very high end jewellers to find anything much over 3 or 4cts.

Here we have a truly amazing find, and the second largest stone that I have ever been able to offer in 35 years of trading in the business.

A beautiful 8.30ct diamond solitaire, set in a platinum mount and with a lab graded specification of Si2 / Si3 and J / K colour.

The diamond does have some white inclusions but these are not huge black marks and the colour is very white indeed, particularly at this price level.

I think that if you went and ordered a stone like this in central London you are easily talking about a £60,000+ diamond.

This stone will easily double in value the next 5 to 10 years and could be offered at a much higher asking price right now…

We bought it well, we can sell it well. Insurance valuation supplied for £60,000

Mount can be re-sized or even replaced it required so fitting is not an issue.

Personal viewing recommended and available. Call 01342 323982.