A stunning ladies 18ct white gold ring containing one beautiful pink Kunzite, one of my personal favourite stones, recently acquired from a private client. (Our stock ref # K275)

Kunzite is a relatively rare stone, this one is at least 10cts, possibly 12ct, and is a beautiful shade of pink, which is very important as some Kunzite’s can be a bit too pale. Weight is just over 10 grams and the size is approx. T 1/2 (UK) or 10 (USA)

Kunzite was first discovered in San Diego, California in 1902. So it is an a fairly young stone in the market.

It has become very popular in recent years as consumers have fallen in love with its feminine and seductive colour.

This icy pink gem is a perfect complement to all the pastels in your wardrobe and is also stunning against black.

Kunzite is usually only found in the United States, Brazil, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Africa, Canada, Mexico, Russia and Burma.