Our retail store has now closed. You can still purchase all of our beautiful items of jewellery and watches online.

Items of Beauty (East Grinstead Watch Company) was first established way back in 1975.

We are extremely proud of our fine and long-standing reputation as Rolex and fine watch dealers both within the trade and within our community.

Our business is built on old fashioned values and we firmly believe in treating our customers as our friends. Our promise is that we will treat you exactly how we like to be treated ourselves.

We are very easy to find situated just 9 miles off Junction 6 of the M25 and there is easy parking nearby. Gatwick Airport is a short 15 minute drive and central London (Victoria) is only 50 minutes by train.

Telephone: 01342 323982.

If you have a question please review our extensive FAQ pages where 99% of your regular enquiries are answered.

Important Security notice:

After experiencing two attempted armed robberies at the store, our security has now been stepped up to an unprecedented level.

For security reasons, we cannot mention all of our security features here, but among just a few of these are:

Anti-bandit glass inside and outside of the store.

This is further protected by hardened steel window shutters inside and out to both our doors and windows.

Steel security bolts that react to any attack with immediate effect.

Smoke Cloak, Red Dye and DNA Smart Water systems that enable forensics to identify attackers for up to 28 days after any event.

24 hour remotely recorded CCTV that includes sound (voices) and the very latest BODY MOVEMENT DNA system from the United States that is capable of identifying the unique body movement of individuals. The very latest technology in identifying suspects using their unique DNA body motion.

None of our Director’s or Staff carry anything of value outside of the store, and none of our Directors or Staff keep anything of value at their homes. THIS RULE IS ADHERED AT ALL TIMES and is considered to be the most important of all.

Our Safe

Our safe operates on a carefully guarded time-lock system that we cannot alter without prior permission from our Security Company which requires 24 hours notice.

Our safe cannot be opened by us during closing hours and during opening hours operates on a 5 minute time-lock delay.

We are connected directly to Sussex Police via Red Care panic alert systems and Sussex Police are acutely aware of the dangers attached to the watch industry.

Our staff has access to “silent” alarms which alert authorities of any attack and our neighbours are also aware of the dangers to our business and take part in some of our security features.

For obvious reasons not all of our security features are covered here. These are in addition to those already mentioned above.